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Calling bullsh*t finally has its rewards! Peacock teamed up with HudsonGray to promote their new hit comedy, Poker Face. The immersive activation, appropriately titled BLSHT DAY sent consumers on the road to some of LA’s trendiest cafes and shops, challenging them to bravely “call bullsh*t” at each establishment to earn free treats and Poker Face themed swag. Participating venues included Sorry Not Sorry (“Two Truths and a Fry”), Civil Coffee (“A Different Kind of Buzz”), Desert 5 Spot (“Let’s Taco’bout the Truth”), and more. Prior to hitting the road, fans of the show and main character, Charlie Cale (played by Natasha Lyonne), congregated at Westfield Century City to view Charlie’s famous Barracuda and test their ability to bluff at a lie detector experience. A custom road map and website guided consumers on their journey. The day was a huge success and succeeded in drawing attention to the hit show – NO BLSHT!

Photography by Randy Shropshire/PEACOCK

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